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My name is Nya Lewis. I’m a senior at Millersville University majoring in Digital Journalism. I knew I wanted to be a writer after binge watching the series Sex and the City. I loved the main character Carrie Bradshaw and wanted to be just like her. Her ability to be fashionable, live in the big city, and have a great career is inspiring to me. My interest in writing first came about my senior year of high school. My teachers kept telling me I was a really good writer, I thought nothing of it at the time. Now I realize their encouragement helped shape the great writer I am today. My hopes for after graduation are to write for a beauty/fashion magazine. My interests surround all things beauty, including fashion and makeup.
 I have experience in the makeup community being that I worked at a makeup store for over a year. In that time, I became familiar with the latest trends in makeup and product information. In addition to knowledge, I gained experience in applying makeup to clients while working at the store. I also worked as a lead supervisor at an accessory store that taught me skills in leadership, teamwork, and time management. I had a lot of responsibility placed on me at this job, which was new to me. I adjusted very quickly and made the most of the job. Skills I’ve gained from both jobs have helped me mature and grow as a person. 

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