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a self exploration of geometric abstraction through color theory

By hannah mills

Hannah Mills is a junior pursuing a BSE in Art Education. Though she does not have a concentration, the main mediums that she works with are drawing and painting. Upon graduating, Hannah hopes to find a job teaching art in a local elementary school or high school and does commissioned work on the side. Through the encouragement of her professor, Dorothy Frey, I was able to curate artwork that has been meaningful to my education here at Millersville University. This exhibit is a culmination of the most beneficial moments of learning and creative exploration in her artistic career. Hannah’s hope is that if she continues to work in ways that push herself, she will have the proper knowledge to help push her students to make work that challenges their creativity, intuition, and skill.

Mills, Hannah pic.jpg

Want to learn more about this presentation? Contact Hannah at this email address to start a conversation.

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