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origins of tang soo do, taekwondo, judo, and ross/sambo

By rachel laughlin

    Rachel Laughlin is a senior at Millersville University graduating as a double major in Chemistry with a concentration in Biochemistry, and Multidisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Science Writing. As an active and involved student, Rachel has many interests in and out of her studies. This has led her to accumulate many projects and accomplishments which she wishes to share this year at the Made in Millersville Conference.
     As President of the Martial Arts Club, she hopes to bring an awareness of the club and its motivations to the University. Some goals of the club are being an active organization on campus and providing a fun alternative workout and promote a healthy lifestyle. But primarily, the motivation of the club has been to provide self-defense education to students through training in the Martial Arts.
    As her graduation date approaches, Rachel’s thoughts have been consumed with the future. As her last year at Millersville, she wanted to share as much of her work and personal growth as possible with the conference and get as much exposure and experience as possible. Her immediate plans after graduation are to obtain a full-time job within the chemistry or editing fields, while preparing to return to graduate school and advance towards her career goal of becoming a science editor.

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Want to learn more about this presentation? Contact Rachel at this email address to start a conversation.

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