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Crafting Beauty and Engineering: The Art of Stained Glass

By lauren hedrick

hedrick headshot.jpg

I am from Scranton, PA and am currently a junior at Millersville University. My major is in Technology and Engineering Education with a concentration in Engineering Design. After I graduate, I plan on teaching either graphics, engineering, or architecture classes. During my last semester, I took a Nonceramics Materials class where I constructed a Greene and Greene-style clock out of white oak wood. In that same class, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Manusos and incorporate a stained glass insert into my clock. That experience sparked my interest and I continued to work with Dr. Manusos to learn more about creating stained glass artwork and its techniques. Through working with stained glass, I've discovered it has allowed me to tap into my creative side, while also providing a calming and meditative outlet. Moreover, it has helped me build skills such as hand-eye coordination, patience, and problem-solving. The experience of working with stained glass has been a positive and enriching one for me, providing me with the opportunity to explore my creativity and develop valuable skills that will benefit me in my future career as a teacher.​

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