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Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth jones

Elizabeth is currently finishing her fourth year at Millersville University and plans to graduate in May with a major in Sociology and a minor in Psychology. She has been an intern at Wellspan Philhaven Lancaster Therapeutic After School Program for two semesters, and it has influenced her career path after graduation. Elizabeth is very passionate about helping others enhance their daily functioning through behavior therapy which is the reason for her project proposal. She finds it very difficult to only be capable of helping a client improve their behavior at program, so she conducted research to support a method that will allow counselors to help transfer the desired behavior to different settings such as at home, school, or in the community. This project includes a literature review of different studies in which a generalization process was used, data from the program to track the current continuous reinforcement, and a proposal of the generalization process. The generalization process will include a kit with the desired behaviors that should be reinforced, behavior bucks to use as a reward system, and a list of preferences and motivators to help the parents. With each kit the parents will be advised to reward the behavior every time with positive praise and every third time to also reward the behavior with the token system previously used (behavior bucks to earn prizes). This process will allow the behavior to become intermittently reinforced until the behavior is reinforced by a natural reinforcer. Looking towards the future Elizabeth would like to implement this at the program once she would be able to receive feedback from parents.

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